China! Death Food – Conclusion

China Death Food. For the past twenty years, China-origin food, medication, and supplements have been flooding American store shelves.  Today, chicken from China may be on our dining tables.  Chinese W.H. Group also acquired 25% of the American pork industry, making it the largest pork producer in the world.  As consumers, we feel helpless and pray to God that our body will be strong enough to fight serious diseases caused by toxic and contaminated food from China.  If we get sick, we can just hope that the medications we take are not counterfeit or contaminated with cancer-causing agents.

Unfortunately, the United States and the rest of the world depend heavily on China for basic drugs related to antibiotics, diabetes, and blood pressure.  Furthermore, China supplies over 80% of the world’s active pharmaceutical ingredients that go into life-saving medications.

Is it too late now for the world to function without China? We wonder what it would be like if China never joined the World Trade Organization and continued to be an isolated communist country.  Perhaps this would have minimized the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Today, we cannot just assume that everything we purchase is safe to consume, including medications.  More than ever before, we need to be well informed to protect our families and ourselves.  The reality is disheartening and frightening.  However, you can be proactive by ensuring that your government representatives increase resources for monitoring food and drug quality.