Note: We will release our new book collection on China in the winter 2021.

China! Good, Bad & Ugly reveals historical and current events that the world must know about China. Within five decades, China has successfully transformed a struggling economy from Mao’s era to a capitalist-inspired economic superpower. China has become the world leader in organ transplants, toxic food supply, and polluted air. This is a must-read book for useful knowledge and interesting conversation at cocktail parties! Order now!

China! Hidden Poisons documents more than twenty years of tainted food and unsafe consumer products from China flooding American stores. It highlights how the US government has failed to protect American consumers, putting their health at risk. This is a must-read book to minimize the potentially harmful effects of unsafe products. Order now!

China! Death Food gives the reader a detailed perspective on foods imported from China. The book highlights hidden poisons affecting the safety of food supply, vitamins and supplements, and medication sourced from China. It is vital for consumers to be more aware of toxins when shopping or eating out. Order now!

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