China! Hidden Poisons: Putting Your Health at Risk

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China! Hidden Poisons demonstrates that despite rules, regulations, and government bodies to screen and address the quality issue, there are many holes and a lack of manpower to properly monitor the food being imported. It also points out the severe deficit in border control and in-country monitoring in factories and farms for food standard levels, which is shocking.

We tend to sit back and let the government manage the safety of consumables. We only perk up and pay attention when something goes wrong, someone falls ill, or someone dies, and only if it hits the media. I am so impressed with the information from the book.  I feel I have gained critical knowledge that will forever change the way I look at food.

I sincerely hope that it reaches every person in America, and beyond. This is a compelling and life changing book!”

Marni MacRea, Independent Editor


China! Hidden Poisons documents more than 20 years of tainted food and unsafe consumer products from China flooding American stores.

For years, US inspection records show China has exported food unfit for human consumption.  The FDA inspectors have simply returned to Chinese importers those products they caught.  Many of which showed up at US borders again, making a second or third attempt at entry.

The book highlights how the US government has failed to protect American consumers, putting their health at risk. This is a must-read book to understand thoroughly how food quality and consumer product inspections work in order to minimize potential harmful effects.


Since China joined the World Trade Organization in 2001, millions of products from China have been flooding American stores annually.  Read more

Click here to view the book on Amazon

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