China! Good, Bad & Ugly

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China! Good, Bad & Ugly reveals disturbing facts about China, from unfair trade tactics and intellectual property theft to human rights violations. Sadly, the world is too dependent on China for the majority of consumer goods, basic life-saving medicines, and other raw materials. This reality is frightening!

As this was primarily a fact-giving book, it speaks for itself and provides not only an eye-opening look at the issues pervading our food, medication, and other sources, but it also inspires the reader to dig further on their own and opens up a dialogue about these global issues.

Insightful, informative, and well-researched book on China that we must know. The book speaks the truth.”

R. Sampath, CEO of Quanta Consulting


China! Good, Bad & Ugly reveals historical and current events that the world must know about China. One of the greatest accomplishments by the Chinese Communist Party was to lift more than 500 million people out of poverty, according to the World Bank. Today, China has become the second largest economy (by GDP), just behind the United States. China’s success has been at the expense of the rest of the world. Particularly, China is a big hostile country whose main goal is to be the world’s dominant superpower, and to destroy the United States’ economy, technology, and jobs.

Within five decades, China has successfully transformed a struggling economy from Mao’s era to a capitalist-inspired economic superpower. China has become the world leader in organ transplants, toxic food supply, and polluted air. Through these easy-to-read chapters, readers will discover the naked truth about China. Many of these facts may be surprising but are very informative. This is a must-read book for useful knowledge and interesting conversation at cocktail parties!

China! Good, Bad & Ugly


Today, China has regained its dominant position from the 16th century, when the Chinese economy was the most sophisticated and productive in the world. Read more

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China! Good, Bad & Ugly

China! Good, Bad & Ugly is the one of the best books about China. There is no other existing books about China that can match its current affairs. Conclusion, it is ranked among the best books on China.

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