China! Death Food: Consumer Awareness


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“China! Death Food provides a wake-up call with vital information. The author has gathered an abundance of information and really makes it clear to the reader the massive scope and depth of this global corruption, on many levels across the spectrum of thousands of products.  It is amazing to see all the intricacies that go into the industry, from regulation and trade to drugs and food processing. It is simply astounding that at every stage there seems to be some form of corruption. China Death Food With money as the root of all evil, the food industry certainly is a terrible example of this, at great cost to the health and safety of consumers.

Again, I cannot stress enough how I feel that this book needs to be in everyone’s hands. This should be a course taught in school to inform and educate, to inspire and force change. But, in the end, I find it sad that this is needed. This is disturbing and impactful.

If only everyone had better ethics…”

Marni MacRea, Independent Editor

China Death Food: Consumer Awareness


China! Death Food gives the reader a detailed perspective on foods imported from China. 

Today, China is one of the world’s largest producers of agricultural products.  It has experienced unprecedented growth in recent decades and is now the world’s second-largest economy.  However, Food supply and safety are main public health concerns in China.

This book highlights major hidden poisons affecting health safety of food supply, vitamins and supplements, and medication sourced from China.  Consequently, it is vital for consumers to be more aware of toxins when shopping, eating out, or dealing with health issues.


China Death Food. For the past twenty years, China-origin food, medication, and supplements have been flooding American store shelves. Read more …

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