Our Angels

During COVID lock down in 2020-2021, it was extremely difficult for us to cope with solitude and confinement. We did not see our friends or relatives for over a year. We were afraid of leaving our home and only made necessary trips twice a month, such as groceries. We are only human, and humans are meant to socialize and get together to enjoy food.

There were times that we were depressed and frustrated over the unknown factors of COVID: a monster virus that can kill million people over a few months. But one day, we saw a baby squirrel sleeping in our flower pot on the balcony. We name him Sneaky, because he is really sneaky. For the next few months, he came by in the evening to sleep, took off early in the morning, and vanished for the entire day.

Sneaky is an eastern fox squirrel with a pretty orange bushy tail. We discovered that squirrels are very smart and can remember humans. Over the next several months, Sneaky has realized we are not a threat to him. Consequently, he became more friendly and got excited when seeing us. He brings sparkles into our lives. His cute face with a bubbling personality has created positive energy!

Then, one day he vanished and stopped sleeping inside the flower pot. Three months later, he came back to say hello with a wife and two cute little babies. We named the babies Happy and Bouncy, because they bounced around with happiness. We call his wife Noisy because she made a lot of noise when the kids were around. She is not as attractive as Sneaky but is very sweet. Since then, Sneaky only stops by occasionally to say hello. He is now a very busy squirrel. Since he is quite handsome and charming, we can imagine how many more wives he can get!

So, that is the story of Sneaky. Sneaky and his family gave us joy during COVID lockdown. They gave us positive energy and enabled us to focus on the good work that we have done up until now.

As a result, our books are dedicated to Sneaky and his family, plus a few of his friends. Some people may think that this is frivolous. However, we believe that we do not have to follow any norms. If these little animals make us happy, they are entitled to acknowledgement.

Sneaky as a 3-Month Old Baby
Sneaky Grown Up
Noisy, Sneaky’s Wife
Sneaky Recognized Us Walking Down the Street and Came out of the Bushes
Sneaky’s Baby Girl
Noisy Checking out Sneaky’s Old
Flower Pot
Sneaky Saying Hello
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Our Angels

During COVID lock down in 2020-2021, it was extremely difficult for us to cope...

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