Have you ever seen a killer get away with murder?  If people cheat, steal, rob, or hurt other people, the universe will react to give them bad consequences. This means that if you do good things in life, you will accumulate positive energy that will help you succeed, generate wealth, and give you the joy of living. Similarly, a thief will have a miserable life, live in poverty, and will continue to go down to the bottom of the society. This vicious circle will not end unless he or she stops being a thief and starts doing some good.

If people hurt you, have a mean spirit, or steal from you, do not lower yourself to revenge because the Universe will send them all the bad luck that they deserve. Furthermore, they will not be able to live a happy life because their conscience will bother them for life. These are true stories:

What Goes Around Comes Around

A long time ago, Peter, a young college student saw another student’s library card left on a copy machine but did not say anything to the other student. Instead, he used her card to make his photocopies. The balance of the card was $2. When he came back to his desk, someone had taken away the magazine that he had just bought. The magazine had cost him $2.

Good Karma Exists

Lisa walked along the boardwalk in San Diego, California and saw an elderly jazz musician playing saxophone trying to earn his living. Lisa is unemployed but felt sorry for him thinking that at his old age, he should retire and enjoy his golden years. So, she gave him $5 and he was very appreciative. On the way back, she looked down and found a $5 bill. The Universe just paid her back.

Karma does exist!

Beware of your action that creates your own destiny!

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