You become what you eat and must be in charge of your health! These are true stories of people who have taken Ahbonbon’s advice to improve their own health and fitness. They represent everyday people and they could be you or your loved ones.

A good healthy life is possible!

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The Cancer Story

Helen is a 25-year-old homemaker and a mother of two beautiful girls from Denver, Colorado. After burying her 50-year-old mother, who died from cancer, Helen is determined that she is not going to be another cancer victim. This made her realize that she needs to pay more attention to her grocery shopping by reading food labels and avoiding foods contaminated with chemicals and pesticides. For Helen, it is as simple as understanding the meaning of food labels and identifying food toxins. She no longer assumes that if the labels say “healthy”, the foods are truly healthy. The word “healthy” now has a new meaning to her. Helen feels relieved and hopeful. She is now more aware of the food ingredients she feeds her family.

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The Thyroid Disease Story

Lisa is a 50-year-old busy executive from New York who has always been on the run and never made time to prepare meals. For ten years, her meals and snacks consisted of microwave dinners and popcorn. Then, her thyroid inflated to the size of a golf ball, filled with brown fluid, and stopped functioning. Her doctor placed her on a daily thyroid medication for life. Lisa discovered that the perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA) compound found in the nonstick lining of pots and pans, microwave meal trays, and popcorn bags causes cancer and thyroid disease. She stopped consuming the foods that came in these packages or cooked in nonstick pots and pans. Lisa began preparing meals from scratch once a week and freezing small portions in glass containers to eat throughout the week. Today, her thyroid is healthy, and her doctor has taken her off the thyroid medication permanently.

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The Bad Cholesterol Story

Adam is a 30-year-old information technology manager for a large corporation in Chicago, Illinois. Being single, Adam never cooks but consumes only healthy foods, which include take-out or restaurant meals. Adam was not aware that his so-called “healthy diet” was a major contributor to his high cholesterol. Although he seemed to eat healthy food by staying away from red meat, milk, and butter, he was actually worsening his bad cholesterol by consuming foods that contain an alarming amount of hidden trans fats, exceeding ten grams daily. If he continued this trend, he would have become part of the statistics of heart attack related deaths. Adam’s doctor gave him a prescription drug to treat his high-cholesterol problem, but the real cause was hidden toxins in his foods: trans fats. Before reading about trans fats, Adam lived in day-to-day fear of a heart attack. Today, for the first time, Adam feels that he is in control of his own life. He is even thinking about getting married and starting a family.

The Overweight Story

Susan is a 60-year-old widow living in Southern California who has been struggling with weight-loss problems. She worked out regularly and only ate low-calorie diet foods. She would buy frozen dinners under 350 calories, but she could not figure out why she constantly had allergies and was still fifty pounds overweight. She thought she was doing everything right by following the diet regimen that was supposed to help her lose weight. However, she did not realize that she was consuming foods loaded with hidden toxins that cause health problems and weight gain. She was frustrated because she could not find a real solution to her problems. After following the advice from Ahbonbon, Susan has finally restored her health. Today, she looks ten years younger than her age, feels great about herself, and is dating a younger man.

Age is only a number. If you take good care of your body, you will live a healthier, good-quality life!


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