Organic foods are the best investments because they are fuel for life and a critical factor in the maintenance of a healthy body and mind. What you put in your mouth will become who you are. Food toxins will consequently lead to bankruptcy from expensive medical bills, living in a nursing home, impotence, or having a lower-quality life. Your doctors prescribe drugs to cure an unhealthy lifestyle that causes disease. Clean food is the secret to health, beauty, and fitness. It will help reverse the aging process or at least minimize damage to the body.

You must absolutely stay away from processed foods and fast foods: hamburgers, hot dogs, chicken nuggets, and fish. Avoid GMOs and fruits and vegetables that are exposed heavily to pesticides. Due to the amount of growth hormones, antibiotics, and processed foods fed to cattle, chickens, pigs, and farm-raised fish, you should spend more money on organic meat, eggs, dairy products, and fresh wild-caught fish. Besides, they taste so much better. Organic food is more costly; however, you can replace animal protein with vegetable protein, such as chickpeas, lentils, or other beans, two or three times per week with no increase to your budget. It is better for your health and less expensive to use those forms of vegetable protein. In parts of the world where animal protein is expensive and not widely available, vegetable protein is largely consumed.

Frequently, chicken in a recipe can be replaced with organic tofu or chickpeas. Freeze the leftovers in individual glass containers to replace your store-bought frozen food. Avoid tofu if you plan to freeze the dish, as it does not taste good. The American Cancer Society recommends eating soy products in moderation. Animal studies have shown mixed effects on breast cancer and endocrine disruption associated with soy consumption.

Benefits of organic food outweigh the cost!

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