The underlined principal of healthy eating/healthy living is following the European lifestyle: Eat high-quality food in smaller portion and spend more time enjoying life. That is the one small change we can all start with that would have a major impact. Everything that was written about healthy eating did not cover the full spectrum of healthy living. This triggered Ahbonbon’s inspiration in 2010.

healthy eating, healthy living
European Lifestyle

In 2010, Ahbonbon’s founder, Lynn Dangtu, boarded Air France departing from Los Angeles for Paris. While spending eleven hours inside the plane, she started playing a guessing game by identifying American vs. European passengers. It made her wonder and ask herself why there is such a big physical difference between the two groups. Growing up in Europe, she is familiar with the European lifestyle and food quality. She began analyzing and comparing the two worlds to identify the factors that cause Americans to be fat and sick. Her conclusion was: hidden toxins, food quality, and lifestyle. This triggered the idea of Ahbonbon publishing books to point out real facts and knowledge to help people live a healthier life.

Unfortunately, six years later the American food epidemic had invaded Europe when Dangtu came back to study the food supply in Europe. She began seeing many processed foods at the supermarkets with preservatives and chemicals. McDonald’s presence is everywhere at train stations and shopping districts. The majority of prime-time advertisements on French television is from American food corporations: McDonald, KFC, Coke, and junk food. Many French are now obese, especially the young generation who loves everything about America. Amazon sells American-made junk foods to those who miss eating them in France. However, the older generations still resist the American fast foods and junk food as France has many artisan bakeries. These sell freshly-made sandwiches made from French baguette and rotisserie chicken or delicious local ham and cheese for $6, a better alternative to American hamburgers and fried chicken.

backed by scientific research 

Ahbonbon management’s extensive background in research dictates reliance on credible sources including peer-reviewed medical journals and scientific research data from Europe and the United States. Ahbonbon summarized important facts to save readers thousands of hours of reading details of a particular study or subject.

healthy eating, healthy living

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Recipes of the World

Having lived in five countries and traveled the world, Dangtu has collected thousands of recipes since she was ten. Her hobbies include development of healthier versions of these recipes and reading about nutrition and research data on healthy living topics.

As a result, Ahbonbon published its first two books: Food Made at Home and Worldly Home Cooking. They provide the homemade versions of store-bought foods or pastries.

healthy eating, healthy living

Food Crisis in America

American lifestyle and taste buds have been changed and dictated by food corporations, switching from high-quality homemade meals to more convenient, cheaper processed food alternatives. 

Americans are bombarded with advertising and would consume whatever food corporations put in front of them: inexpensive, big portion, and convenient foods. However, these foods come with hidden toxins, GMOs, salt, sugar, chemicals, trans fats and preservatives for longer shelf life, and cheap fillers or lower-quality raw materials. For examples, more sugar is added to processed food because sugar is addicted and would make people crave more food and larger portion. The super-size fast food is invented by American food corporations. A single serving at some restaurants in America would feed a family of four in Europe. Finally, raw food materials are imported from China because they are less expensive, but the Chinese food supply is contaminated with toxins and pesticides. In short, American food corporations no longer produce the same high-quality food as they used to do in the good-old days, but now have turned into scientific laboratories to engineer food recipes that would generate maximum profits, and those foods are not necessary healthy or good for consumers. Therefore, Americans have become what they eat: fat and sick.

Eat higher-quality food
Not all foods are equal

Don’t Miss the Morning Coffee and Bakery! 

It is not what you eat but what is hidden inside the foods counts!

Beware of “0% Trans Fats” label that disguised the trans fats found in non-dairy creamer, coffee mate, packaged hot chocolate and drink, and donuts and muffins.

Learn to identify the hidden toxins associated with foods and raw ingredients, then you will be in charge of your health, youthful life, and fitness.


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