Ahbonbon's founder

hbonbon’s founder, Lynn Dangtu, is a multi-talented, multicultural, tri-lingual, and highly educated strategist and researcher, who later became a community leader and small-business activist. She had spent over a decade negotiating with major banks and utilities companies to invest hundreds of millions of dollars into small-business programs.

In 2012, Dangtu began studying food supply and factors that cause health problems when her health started declining and three of her family members were diagnosed with cancer. Consequently, she founded Ahbonbon, a publishing company, to help people live a healthy life through its publication.

Live your life based on the principles of hard work, honesty, integrity, and authenticity. Then, you will succeed. A good, healthy life is possible!”
Lynn Dangtu, Ahbonbon Founder
Ahbonbon has appeared as guest on television networks and radio programs.